A month before I decided to become a childminder, Buster came into our home and our lives. Chances are that if I became a childminder sooner, we might never have even considered getting a dog.

But fate played its part and a dog is not just for Christmas, so Buster was now part of the family.

Buster just loved being amongst people – and soon this was discovered by all children and parents who came into my home. He showed affection to everyone that came into his life.

On Thursday 4th January 2018, at the age of 11 years & 9 months, Buster had to leave this world – but not before leaving an everlasting imprint on our family and our hearts.

This page is a dedication to him and also to the parents who trusted me when they secretly might have preferred I didn’t have a dog.

Buster is simply irreplaceable, so we won’t be getting another dog anytime soon – perhaps never. But fate played its part once, it might do so again, so let’s wait and see.

Thank you Buster for being part of my life and my family and I can at least be content knowing you are no longer in pain.

Sleep well pal xxx